Samsung Galaxy Book5 Pro with Intel Lunar Lake spotted in tests


While Qualcomm is about to release the Snapdragon X Elite, Intel's Meteor Lake successor is also almost at the launch. The first Intel Lunar Lake-powered laptops are expected near the end of the year, but the first samples appear to have already reached laptop manufacturers: a Samsung Galaxy Book5 Pro with an Intel Core Ultra 200 series processor has just been spotted in SiSoftware's test database.

The chip has eight processing cores, and according to earlier rumors, Intel will combine four new Lion Cove performance cores with four Skymont efficiency cores instead of two performance cores and eight efficiency cores as it did with Meteor Lake U.

The benchmark entry says a base clock speed of 1.6GHz, which matches the performance of the Intel Core Ultra 5 135U cores. Boost clock speeds are still extremely low at 2.8GHz, which is not surprising for very early prototypes.

Intel is installing two 12MB L3 caches, presumably 12MB each for the P and E cores, as well as a 2.5MB L2 cache for each performance core and another 2.5MB for the entire cluster of performance cores. The 16GB of LPDDR5X 8533 RAM also confirms previous rumors.

In addition to the additional performance cores in the cost-effective U class, the new iGPU is particularly interesting because Arrow Lake will for the first time be equipped with an Intel Arc graphics chip based on the new Xe2 architecture.

This chip utilizes a relatively small iGPU with 4 Xe cores, 64 execution units and 512 shaders that reaches clock speeds up to 1.85GHz and features 8MB of second-level cache.

In comparison, the fastest Intel Arc iGPU to date has 8 Xe cores and 128 executive units with clock speeds up to 2.3GHz.