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Nokia 8110 4G


CPU: Dual-core (2x1.1 GHz Cortex-A7)
RAM: 512 MB
Display: 2.4 inches, 17.8 cm2
Camera: 2 MP, LED flash
Battery: 1500 mAh battery

User data format and reset Nokia 8110 4G to factory settings.

Before resetting to factory settings, it is recommended to remember the login and password from your Google account or delete your Google account if you are going to sell your phone. In this way, you will avoid problems with the Factory Reset Protection function, which asks for a password for a Google account.

Before reset Nokia 8110 4G, follow these steps.

1. Charge your phone battery to the maximum.
2. Copy your contacts, photos and user data to a flash drive or PC.
3. Logout from your Google Account.

Nokia 8110 4G - Erase All Content and Settings

1. Find and open the Settings menu on your phone.
2. Find and select General management menu.
3. Press Reset.

4. Tap menu item Factory data reset.

5. Confirm factory reset and complete the operation.

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