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Motorola MPx200 hard reset

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Motorola MPx200

OS: Microsoft Smartphone 2002

CPU: 133 MHz ARM925
Display: 2.2" inc

1. Turn off your smartphone, in any available way

2. Press the 2 buttons Volume up and Power at the same time for a few seconds

3. Hold down the keys until the Boot Mode menu appears

4. You need to go to the Recovery menu line. The Volume up key can be used to navigate and the Volume Down key to confirm the selection

Android logo Motorola MPx200
5. Press the Volume Up and Power keys when Android Robot appears

wipe data / factory reset Motorola MPx200
6. From the menu sections select the item "wipe data / factory reset", the Volume Up / Down keys are used to navigate the menu, and the Power key to confirm the choice made

7. Move the cursor to the "yes" menu item and press the Power button

reboot system now Motorola MPx200
8. In the menu, go to "reboot system now"

9. Factory reset operation completed

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