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Lenovo ET980

OS: MS Windows Mobile 5.0

CPU: Marvell PXA270, 312 MHz
RAM: 64 Mb
Display: 2.8"
Camera: 4 MP
Battery: 1100 mAв‹…h

FRP (Factory Reset Protection) have been put in place by Google in for to combat fraudulent activities. FRP Lock (Factory Reset Protection) is a tool that activates after a hard reset. After connecting to the Internet, the phone will ask for a username and password - the "Confirm Google Account" window. Bypass FRP is a tool to help you if you forgot your Google account username or password.

Before bypass FRP, follow these steps.

1. Make sure your battery is charged to 100%.
2. You must have an active Wi-Fi connection.

How to bypass FRP for Lenovo phone

1. Press 'Start', and connect your phone to the Internet using WI-FI.
2. Return to the very first Welcome Screen.
3. Tap on Vision Settings.
4. Select the TalkBack section from the menu.
5. Enable TalkBack and press the OK button.
6. Draw L on the TalkBack tutorial screen with your finger to open the Global Context Menu.
7. Press and hold the Volume up and down buttons for a few seconds to disable TalkBack features.
8. In the appeared Suspend TalkBack? window, click OK.
9. Select Help & Feedback.
10. Now, select Get Started with Voice Access from the menu.
11. Click on the text link Change Google App Settings and select Location.
12. Click on the text link Google App Location Settings, select Delete Your Location History and click on the text link Location History.
13. Google Maps will appear on your phone screen.
14. Tap on Skip.
15. In the top left corner click on 3 stripes.
16. Now click on Start Driving.
17. Tap on Voice Search and Say Open Chrome.
18. In Chrome, type and Search:
19. Download two apps: Gadgets Doctor.apk, Apex Launcher.apk.
20. Go to Downloads folder.
21. Install apk Apex Launcher on your phone and run it.
22. Go to Settings then to Security and then to Device Administrators.
23. Deactivate the Android Device Manager on your device.
24. Go back to main page Settings.
25. Go to Apps.
26. Disable the Google Play Services and Google Account Manager apps.
27. Open the downloaded files folder.
28. Now install the Gadgets Doctor.apk application.
29. Open Settings -> Accounts -> Google -> Add account.
30. In Apps, enable Google Play Services and Google Account Manager.
31. Go to the Settings menu, open Security, open Device Admin Apps, enable Android Device Manager.
32. At the end, you need to reboot your phone.

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