Listed 10 innovations that will appear in the iPad Pro M3 2024


The new M3 chip. It will have ray tracing features and other parameters that improve gaming performance.

A new OLED display with dual bezels. It will finally disappear the effect of glowing mini-LEDs, which is on the existing iPad Pro. Also, the display of the novelty will be characterized by stunning contrast, doubled brightness.

Larger displays. Available will be iPad Pro M3 with a diagonal of 11.1 inches and 13 inches.

Redesign. The tablet will be much thinner: only 5 mm.

No wireless charging support. Perhaps it will be removed because of the thin body of the tablet.

Completely redesigned Magic Keyboard. This will make the iPad look and feel much more like a MacBook. This keyboard will have a larger trackpad and the entire bottom will be made of aluminum.

Apple Pencil 3. It's rumored to be released soon, too. It will have a new design: it will be shorter, it will have a glossy coating. And Pencil 3 will also be exclusive to the iPad Pro and probably won't work with the iPad Air. It is expected that the new stylus will get interchangeable tips, color picking function.

Landscape Camera. It should appear on the iPad Pro. This will make the iPad look even more like a MacBook.

4TB of storage. Also in general it makes sense to expect small updates to the specifications.

Price. Most likely, the 11-inch iPad Pro will cost $1,000 and the 13-inch iPad Pro will cost $1,200.