iOS 18 will get an AI-powered text and web page shortening feature


iOS 18 may bring a feature to automatically create summaries of long iMessage messages using artificial intelligence, similar to what's in Android and the Humane AI Pin device.

Apple is preparing to introduce a new feature for its iOS 18 operating system based on artificial intelligence technology. According to sources familiar with the details, iOS 18 will get the ability to create AI-powered summaries of text messages and web pages.

According to Pcmag, this innovative feature will allow users to quickly familiarize themselves with the gist of long messages and articles without taking the time to read them in full. Artificial intelligence will analyze the text and highlight key information, mentioned companies, people, places, etc.

In addition, based on the generated summary, the AI will be able to suggest several text variants that can be quickly sent to the interlocutor and thus save their time.

In addition to text message summaries in iOS 18, a similar feature will appear in the Safari browser. After opening a web page, such as a news article, Safari will display an AI-generated summary.

To realize all these features, Apple is developing its own language model, which will also be able to work without an internet connection, which the company believes is very important for its speed and data privacy. It is also reported that Apple is in talks with Google and OpenAI about potentially licensing their artificial intelligence tools for use in its operating system, as cooperation with leaders in the field of AI can accelerate the emergence of new functionality.

For his part, Apple CEO Tim Cook reiterated the prioritization of artificial intelligence for the company. According to him, Apple's solutions in this area will be characterized by deep integration of hardware and software for an even better user experience.

The iOS 18 operating system is expected to be unveiled at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in June.